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Services Provided

Woman stringing pearls

Re-Stringing pearls and beads

Our re-stringing service expertly re-threads and restores the integrity of your pearl and bead jewellery. We ensure secure knots, use high-quality materials, and handle each piece with precision to preserve its beauty and longevity.

Man seeing a gem with a magnifying

Jewellery appraisals and valuations

Our service provides expert assessments of the quality and value of your precious pieces, offering accurate documentation for insurance, resale, or estate planning purposes.

Making sketches of jewellery

Re-Styling your old jewellery

Our re-styling service revamps outdated or inherited jewellery, collaborating with you to create modern, personalized designs that preserve sentimental value while giving them a fresh, contemporary look that suits your style.

Making a Stone Setting

Stone Setting

Our service offers expert craftsmanship in securely setting gemstones into your jewellery. With meticulous attention to detail, our skilled artisans ensure that each stone is perfectly aligned, enhancing the beauty and durability of your pieces.

Man making jewellery

Engraving Hand and Laser

Expert engraving services, where depending on various characteristics, you can choose the precision of laser technology or the craftsmanship of hand engraving. Transforming your ideas into finely detailed designs on your jewellery.

Reference of Cleaning Jewellery

Clean / Polish Jewellery

Revitalize your jewellery with our meticulous cleaning and polishing service. Restore brilliance and luster to your favorite pieces, ensuring they shine as brightly as the day you acquired them. 

Customize your Jewellery!

We are more than just a jewellery store.

We can design and produce your design first on 3D and then make it real with the characteristics you always dreamed!

If you already have made a sample please sent us a picture, otherwise, a drawing in most cases is also enough for us to (re) produce it.

How it works?

Man with his phone
Jewellery Sketches


Book an appointment

Here you should bring your design/idea and together we will discuss and decide about all the details that you want in your piece. 

You can call us (+356) 2122 2202 or click on the "Book now" button.


The 3D design

After our meeting we can proceed to make the 3D design in order to see the jewellery prototype before the real production and check all the final details.

This option is not always necessary to make your dream jewellery.

Man Using 3D Printer
Making a gold ring


Production starts

When all the details are ready our specialized jewellers start the production and in a couple days (depends in the requirements and details) your jewellery will be done!


Your piece is ready!

You'll receive our call/message to let you know that your jewellery is ready and waiting for you!

Rings on Display

We are waiting to make your dream jewellery a reality!

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