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This is our story

In 1899, Carmelo Debono embarked on a journey to establish a jewellery manufacturing business on Old Bakery Street Valletta. Thirty years later, Carmelo opened his first jewellery shop, C. Debono in Merchants Street Valletta. In 1932, the eldest son Joseph, and later on the other three sons, joined Carmelo in the jewellery business. At this point, the business name was changed to C. Debono & Sons.

In the early 1930's, while Europe and the other industrialized areas were still struggling with an economic slump were being felt worldwide, the jewellery business and shops as we know them in current times were nearly non-existent. In most instances, jewellery was designed and manufactured based solely on the specifications of affluent clients.

Times were equally different even in the 1940s. However, despite being in the midst of World War II, Carmelo's eldest son set out with a mission to change that the scene... In 1942, he left his father's firm to create his own independent jewellery business, only to lose two shops and most of the stock due to air raids. Finally, in 1949, Joseph caught a break and managed to establish himself as a jeweler under the business title of Jos. Debono Jewellery. He proceeded to set up shop at 26 Merchants Street Valletta.

During the early 1960's, Joseph's two oldest sons, Lino and Joe joined the family business. Later on during 1980, they were joined by their youngest brother Ramon, with the name of the business now Jos. Debono & Sons Jewellers. It was also during 1980 that the three sons combined their resources and acquired the business from their father and formed a limited liability company, Jos. Debono (Jewellers) Ltd.

Right before the new millennium, in 1999, the business expanded further to the point that a new limited liability company was created, Pavilion Jewellers Ltd. With this, the company now owned and operated three shops in Valletta, one in Gozo and a duty-free shop at Malta International Airport.

Lino's son, Antoine, joined in with the family tradition and business in 1991. Antoine's interests led him to professionally study the craft of goldsmithing in Malta. He further developed his skills and expertise in gold and diamond setting by attending theory based and hands on courses in Naples, Italy. Antoine's interests and passions extend beyond jewellery. He also has a love for watches, with this particular aspect of the family business falling under his expertise. Numerous companies were represented, such as world renowned Swiss watch brands in Malta such as Oris, Omega, Tissot and Frederick Constance. During 2006, Antoine took over Lino's company share in Jos. Debono (Jewellers) Ltd and Pavilion Jewellers Ltd.

Antoine's wish was to establish himself as jeweller in Malta, and during 2013 it was decided to split the company. With this, Antoine independently set up and established AD Jewellers Ltd. Antoine is now based in the original shop on 26 Merchants Street Valletta, which is commonly referred to as 'Debono tal-Perlie', since it is well known amongst the community as the only shop dedicated to pearls based jewellery in Malta.

Besides the original shop, his operation rapidly expanded through the acquisition of one of the oldest and most prestigious jewellery firms in Malta, 'C Azzopardi & Sons in 2013. These shops are now known as Antoine Debono Jewellers.

AD Jewellers Ltd. now represents Victorinox Swiss Army watches, Mathey Tissot, Secrid, Diplomat, Pelikan, Aurora, Waterman, Cross, Sheaffer and Carrs of Sheffield brands in Malta. Antoine is a member of the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) where Antoine is also listed as accredited jewellery professional.

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